Hardware Attachment Program

Open our Door and See the Difference

Benefits To You

Shop-applied hardware means that the door will arrive at the job site with all of the hardware in place and ready to use once the opening is installed.

  • One-stop shopping for everything from purchasing products to putting openings together
  • Locks, exit devices, door closers, keypads, hinges and more all installed on the door by us
  • Access to a team of experts who specialize in doors, frames and hardware, as well as local codes and regulations

Our Qualifications

The advent of more and more electromechanical products and advanced locking solutions led us to develop a shop applied hardware program, to provide you with complete doorway systems that are trouble-free and ready to install!

  • Over 100 years of expertise in providing openings products to Lehigh Valley contractors and building owners
  • Factory-trained and certified technicians at our shop facility
  • Certified Installation
  • Wide variety of locking solutions, access control devices, hollow metal and wood doors, frames and other hardware
  • Products and support from leading manufacturers specializing solely in opening products: SARGENT, CURRIES, GRAHAM, HES, MCKINNEY, and SECURITRON